Tape Life Records remasters of Dead Red Velvet albums currently underway

Dead Red Velvet - Skeleton Shore - Tape Life Records - TL 1012

Tape Life Records presents Dead Red Velvet’s second release, Skeleton Shore, a six-song romp through dark techno, gritty electropop and cinematic dark ambient. The follow-up to The Ghostly Divide drops the guitars in favour of Mohr’s trademark synth work, seducing with urgent songs touching on arboreal ghosts, Austrian immigration, nuclear power and otherworldly luminosity. Culled mostly from the period 2004-2006, this is Mohr’s most tonally-consistent work. An electronic music acid bath of edge and depth, this short album is recommended for fans of 80s alternative, dark ambient, golden era industrial, Skinny Puppy and darker sides of Shriekback.

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Karl Mohr Audio-Yo – The Full Discography

Before there was the darker, song-oriented Dead Red Velvet, there was the more electronic and precariously elliptical Karl Mohr Audio-Yo. The entire 8-album KMAY discography is now available for sale at Bandcamp – listen for free now! Purchase to own the collection!
Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Into The Doomhole Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Psychocinematic Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Strange Tides Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Skyfire Sessions Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Galaxy Overmind Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Transgalactic Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - The Heck 2017 Edition Karl Mohr Audio-Yo - Standard Deviation

Iron Mountain Video

The song “Iron Mountain” popped up briefly on the Karl Mohr short-run CD album Tools For The Analog Revolution and is slated to be released again on a new album called Skeleton Shore through Tape Life Records in 2018. Check out this official Tape Life Records music video by director Elizabeth Fearon.


Tape Life Records is currently preoccupied with the re-compiling and re-mastering of the entire Karl Mohr back-catalog. Here’s an example of a rare track that was omitted.

Multibeat Records reborn as Tape Life Records

On January 15, 2015, Karl Mohr ended Multibeat Records, and has moved his music releases to his new label Tape Life Records. The entire back-catalog of around thirty releases is being distilled, re-mastered and re-packaged into ten new albums: a solid gold survey of the years 1987-1997 as Karl Mohr Audio-Yo, and the ongoing fracas that followed, from 1997 to the present incarnation as Dead Red Velvet.


Tape Life Records has Dead Red Velvet music, both tangible and digital, and some merch too!


For videos, the Dead Red Velvet YouTube playlists are recommended, with an emphasis on live concert footage.

Live Recordings

Karl Mohr began playing live November 1st, 1991. This first concert, with Robin Buckley, was a bombastic diatribe of psychedelic industrial noise at a gay biker bar in St. Catharines, Ontario.  Subsequent shows have been no less esoteric.  Mohr’s live appearances have always tried on new angles, ideas and configurations. The following recordings are from the Karl Mohr & the Fallen Angels period (2004-2009):

drv-portraitphones-5to12-500x333The Banquet Begins

Send Your Abundance


Dead Red Velvet at Krampus Ball December 2012.

Photographs courtesy of Five To Midnight.